Flooding Update 12-26-20

Media Release

From:  Roger Van Loan, Chief of Police

Date:  Saturday December 26, 2020

Subject: River Flooding Situational Awareness 

As of 7:30 AM Saturday December 26, 2020 Fishing Creek water level is at 6 feet as indicated at the Fernville Bridge.  As of 8:00 AM today the river is forecasted to crest at 22 feet at 7:00 PM on Saturday December 26, 2020.  Flood stage is 19.0 feet.  Depending on the water level in Fishing Creek, rising river levels may reduce the ability for Fishing Creek to empty into the river.  This could cause Fishing Creek to rise again. All Bloomsburg residents are asked to remain vigilant in regards to flooding potential.  

Motorist may encounter barricades in those areas affected by flooding.  Do not drive around barricades.  They are in place for your safety.  The combination of extremely cold air temperatures and cold water can be a deadly combination.  The fines for driving around barricades during a hazardous condition can be as much as $250.00

You will find additional information as it becomes available on our Facebook page and at www.bloompd.com,www.bloomsburgpa.org and http://ema.columbiapa.org/christmas-flooding-2020/ Additionally, Bloomsburg residents are able to sign up for Code Red, the Town’s emergency notification system. To do so go to www.bloompd.com and click on the Code Red icon, a red triangle on the upper right side of the web page.