School Threat/Hoax

The Bloomsburg Police received a report of a viral post spreading across social media of a screen shot indicating a threat to local schools.  The information was received by the Berwick Police Department and passed on to the Bloomsburg Police Department.  The wording from the threat and the name of the person allegedly making the threat is taken from a hoax that is believed to have started in Ohio and is spreading nationwide.  We are aware of reports made in other states where the threat is directed at “SMS”.  The threat received by Berwick is the same except “SMS” is replaced with “BMS”. 

            The Bloomsburg Police Department takes all threats against our schools seriously and will do everything to ensure our children remain safe.  The Bloomsburg Police Department has made the Bloomsburg School District aware of the information we received about this hoax.  At this time the Bloomsburg Police Department does not believe this is a credible threat.  The Bloomsburg Police Department will continue to work with the Bloomsburg School District and keep them updated if new information is received.  In the meantime, Bloomsburg Police Officers will increase patrols of all Schools located within Bloomsburg.