Suspicious Activity

Media Release

From:  Roger Van Loan, Chief of Police

Date: Thursday, September 27, 2018

Subject:  Report of Suspicious Activity

            On Monday, September 24, 2018 Bloomsburg Police were advised by Bloomsburg University officials of suspicious activity on Lightstreet Rd.  The report indicated a female in her 30’s, with a Russian accent was canvasing Lightstreet Rd. the day prior looking for young girls to participate in a movie.

            Unfortunately, the Bloomsburg Police Department was not notified of the suspicious activity until the day after.  There have been several calls yesterday and today to the Bloomsburg Police Department regarding social media posts related to the suspicious activity.  The Bloomsburg Police Department is aware of the initial report received from Bloomsburg University and is checking with state and federal authorities to see if theses type of suspicious activity reports have occurred in other areas.

            As always if you observe suspicious activity or behaviors please call authorities immediately.  Police officers will respond and investigate to better determine if there is a need to be concerned.  Waiting or notifying someone else will usually make it more difficult to determine whether or not there is reason for concern.