Active Shooter Awareness

Here at the Columbia County District Attorney's office, we not only focus on prosecuting those who violate the law, and advocate for the Victims of crime, we also do our best to educate the Community on drug awareness and over safety.  We recently had Active Shooter Training through our Columbia County Sheriff's Department and we would like to take this opportunity to pass along some helpful tips for an active shooter situation as well as general precautionary measures that can be utilized in self defense when needed.

* Always be aware of your surroundings. 

* No matter where you are, always know the quickest and/or easiest exit. Try to find at least two if available.

* Never be a sitting target, always try to get out of the situation, and if you're unable to, retreat into an area that is more secure and barricade the door with whatever is laying around; chairs, tables, desks etc.

* If defending yourself is necessary, utilize whatever you can.  Even the simplest of things can become a weapon.

* Any door that has an upper "V shaped" hinge, can be disabled to prevent the door from being opened.  Use a belt, rope or anything that is available to tie around the hinge and secure it.  If the hinge can not operate, the door can not open.  While a door can be broken down, an Active Shooter or anyone looking for as many targets as possible is not likely to take the time to break a door down.

* Keep a can of Wasp/Hornet spray in a place with easy access.  It shoots around 15 feet and will stop anyone when hit in the face with it, and it's completely legal to have.

* When attempting to escape a situation, go empty handed.  Take nothing with you that can slow you down or be mistaken for a weapon.  And while running to the exit, keep your hands up and fingers spread wide so law enforcement knows you have no weapons and are not the threat. Even a cell phone in a hand can be perceived as a weapon at a quick glance.

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