Free Ford Truck Parts - Hit & Run



Free Ford F-Series truck parts for a 2015-2016 series truck; black in color: 

The Locust Township Police Department would like to offer you your truck parts back. (see attached picture) Between late Saturday night, 03/02/19 and Sunday morning, 03/03/19, you left the parts behind for your truck. By the many pieces you left behind, it appears your truck should have some substantial damage to the driver's side front end and along the driver's side itself. As you can see in the picture, not only do we have your driver's side mirror and a part for your grill, we also have your gas cap and what looks like part of the side of your truck box. We are sure you are an honest person and have been trying to determine where you may have left your parts during your late night travels. well, no need to look any further, we have them. 

What happened that your parts came off your truck? Well the (5) residents and PENN DOT are inviting you to come back to the area of Center School Road and Middle Road to take a look. Your truck ran into and over (5) mailboxes and their steel posts as well as a 40 MPH speed limit sign. We are confident that you must have been either driving while impaired, alcohol or drug caused, sleep deprived or was distracted while using a mapping application to find your way home. You were traveling West on Middle Road towards Bear Gap / SR54. We think you might have even traveled up Cemetery Hill Road off SR42 / Numidia Drive, on your way to Middle Road. Why you ask, well there are similar tracks in a field where you were not able to navigate a curve in the roadway. 

We are asking that you do the right thing and come forward to claim your parts. The residents shouldn't have to pay for the replacement of their mailboxes because you made a very poor decision that night! 

In all seriousness; We are thankful that no one got hurt, including yourself. But what if???? What if that would have been a large tree or a utility pole, a disabled vehicle with someone changing a tire or waiting for a ride, A resident who is awake at that time and went out to pick up their newspaper. The outcome could be tragically different at this time, you or someone else could be laying in a hospital bed or worse, in a morgue or at a funeral home while families and friends are grieving. We have come in contact with many people who say, not me, I can handle it, I'm fine to drive home, and so on, this time you were lucky. Law enforcement officers in multiple counties as well as auto body repair shops have been contacted and asked to be on the look out for your vehicle. 

If you have any information on this hit & run accident, please contact us at 570-799-5806 or you can submit anonymous tips through this web site and the Crime Watch portal / application. 

** If you haven't already, take the time to download the free Crime Watch application and subscribe to our department and the many other local law enforcement agencies in this area. **

Sunday, March 3, 2019
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