Calls for Service Update

For emergencies please call 911, this includes any incident that requires a police, fire or EMS response.

When requesting police assistance for a call for service, that you believe is not an emergency, please contact the East Central Emergency Services Network (ECEN), at 570-784-6300. The ECEN professional dispatchers will take your information, prioritize and route your request for service to the appropriate first responding agency(s); Fire/EMS/Police. 

All first responders in the Roaring Creek Valley take pride in the personal relationships and trust that have been developed over the years with our residents and visitors. However, calling a police officer, fire of EMS responder on their personal phone numbers can delay the response to your need. Officers work different shifts, are on days off, vacations, or unavailable as they are already on another call for service where we may not have cell phone coverage. These delays by trying to make personal calls, can prevent us from responding in a timely manner, dispatchers can stay on the phone with you and obtain additional, valuable information for the type of call, suspect information, etc. 

You can call our station as well, however, please understand it may be several hours until an officer is able to return your call. Again, please use the non-emergency number for the 911 center at 570-784-6300 for a quicker response.

Thank you