Telephone Scam

The Locust Township Police Department would like to make our residents aware of a telephone scam that has been reported in the area.  The phone call originated from an "unknown" number and a male had left a voicemail stating that he was a contracted "process server" for Columbia County.  The male then stated in the voicemail that he was tasked with serving legal documentation and that he would be making several attempts to make contact at the person's residence and place of employment, and if they failed to make employment then the "process" would go out without the person.  The male caller had also left a call back number with a Houston, TX area code as well as a case number.  

The only organizations that serve legal documentation in Columbia County are the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, local and/or state police departments and at times state constables.  Do not give information to anyone if you are unsure of their authority.