Telephone Scam Increase

Our department has recently received an increase in complaints about telephone scams. 

1. Individuals, claiming to be from the DEA or other federal law enforcement agencies, are calling area residents. The suspects are claiming to have seized cars in Texas that contain money and other personal documents that relate to the residents receiving the calls. The suspects are stating they need funds from the residents in order to process the vehicle and for verification purposes. Residents have been asked to send Ebay vouchers and/or to send money via Western Union. The suspects are advising the residents if they do not respond to the call or request for funds, the residents will be arrested by the local police departments and federal agents. This is not true.

2. A resident received a text message recently and reportedly from Geisinger Medical Center. The message stated "this is Geisinger with an important message about future laboratory appointments." The recipients are then asked to press (1) to read more information or to press (0) to opt out of messaging. this department called Geisinger Information Security about the text messages. This department was told that to their knowledge, Geisinger is not sending out text messages like this. Geisinger is only making appointment reminders by phone call. 

Everyone is reminded not to respond back to these type of calls. The callers are only trying to scam you out of your bank account or other personal information and money.