Traffic Congestion - Fall Festivals


            As some of you may already be aware, the Covered Bridge Festival at Knoebels Amusement Resort starts this Thursday October 3, 2019 and runs through Sunday October 6, 2019. With the forecast projecting Friday and Saturday to be a nice and sunny day, we are anticipating large crowds at Knoebel's Amusement Resort, Rohrbach's and Ponduce Farms Fall Festivals.  With that being said, we are strongly advising you to find an alternate route to and from your house due to the high amount of traffic that will be on State Routes 42 (Numidia Drive); State Route 487 (Southern Drive) and the Knoebel's Parkway. Also, due to the festivities and high amount of traffic, at some point or points in the day the Knoebels' Parkway and sections of Pine Swamp Road may be shut down as in the past their parking lots have been filled to capacity. There will be free parking and shuttle bus services at the Southern Columbia School and at the Elysburg PSSA Facility (Gun club) Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Locust Township Police Department