Unlicensed Vehicles - Locust Township Ordinance

The Locust Township Police Department has received several anonymous letters over the past couple of months. The letters have complained about an "abandoned" van on private property. The matter has been brought up during the Locust Township public meetings and we have been advised the vehicle is not in violation of the Locust Township Unlicensed Vehicle Ordinance, 1-2000. Ordinance 1-2000, Section 2, subsection 1, permits a person to have one unlicensed motor vehicle on their property. The ordinance has been attached for everyone's review.  As listed in the ordinance, the enforcement of unlicensed vehicles in Locust Township falls under the responsibility of the Locust Township Zoning Officer, not the police department. 

Should the person who keeps writing the letters wish to discuss their concerns via telephone or in person, our office is always open. We can be reached at 570-799-5806. 

We thank you for your concern.

Chief Allen L. Breach