Throughout the later part of January and the month of February, three reports were made with the Main Township Police Department reporting theft of gasoline from parked vehicles. In each instance a suspect took the gasoline from the vehicles over night and in the early morning hours. Officers began an investigation and increased patrols in the areas of reported thefts.

On 2/26/2022, Chief Philip Savidge was conducting traffic enforcement on Main-Mifflin Road in the area of Mainville Ag Center. Chief Savidge observed a black dodge pickup truck pass him. The passenger headlight was out and Savidge conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle on Mt. Pink Road in the area of Main-Mifflin Road. Upon investigation Savidge learned that the vehicle did not have insurance or a valid inspection. At this point Savidge requested a tow truck to remove the vehicle from the roadway since it was not legal. While waiting for the tow truck, the operator of the vehicle informed Savidge that he was going through a hard time lately and said that he was recently charged with stealing gasoline from vehicles in the town of Bloomsburg. This statement aroused Chief Savidge's suspicions.

On 3/4/2022, Officer Krolikowski went to the suspect's house and interviewed him in relation to the thefts of gasoline. During the course of the interview the suspect admitted to stealing gas and agreed to fill out a written statement stating so.

On 3/7/2022, Chief Savidge went to the suspect's house and provided a written statement form to him. The suspect filled out the statement confessing to the thefts and was subsequently charged in relation to the incident.